Świetlówka PHILIPS Tornado ESaver T2 5W WW E14 220-240V (8710163214276) 20,99 zł ZOBACZ Smallest energy saving lamp High brightness The Tornado is Philips' latest and most powerful energy saving lamp. This brilliant little energy saver is super compact, has more light and saves up to 85% energy. And the beauty is, it will fit almost any luminair in your home! Carbon footprint Energy savers reduce the amount of energy in your home, which results not only in a lower energy bill, but also in less carbon (CO2) output aby your energy supplier. Together we make this a better world to live in. Compact size and high performance Our smallest energy savers are just as small as a traditional light bulb. You can now save energy and money in all your luminaires, without compromising on light quality. Energy efficient All Philips energy saver LED light bulbs save energy from the moment you turn the switch. During their lifetime they use less Kw and thus also result in a lower energy bill. The level of energy saving differs per lamp type and technology. Long life time On average we have our lamps switched on 2.7 hours per day and 1,000 hours a year. The actual burning hours depend on the season (winter vs. Summer), weather conditions (sunny day or rainy dark day) and on the room where the lamp is used (bathroom vs. Living room). This energy saving lamp will last at least 8,000 hours, thus 8 years. Rapid start You now no longer need to wait a while for an energy saver to reach maximum output, simply switch to Philips' energy efficient lamps. Reliable quality Philips keep their promises about LED light performance. You can trust what the Philips packaging says about light output, lifetime, and wattage equivalent to incandescent lamps.
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